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Monday, January 25, 2010,
The unexpected night story.

So i went out one night initially to meet up with a friend of mine and
at the same time get something from him. he claimed that he's flying the day after yesterday which is today hence the meeting up at night. as usual, i took bus to Toapayoh train station. took train to Sembawang since my friend told me that he's gonna have coffee with a friend over there.

note that the changed of location was a last minute thing.
so i was in the train standing when my friend called me
and changed the location again, to Angmokio. in the midst of the journey
i dropped at Khatib and took the opposite train.

I went to the Hub's interchange, sat there and fidgeted with my phone.
but of course, get connected to the wireless while waiting for my friend.
i tweet once and browse the web through my mobile. called me friend
and he told me that he's gonna be late to settle some things at home.
and i continued surfing the Internet, minutes passed.

Oh not forgetting i was having a conversation with Joey through texts.
asked her about the MacDonald's whereabout since i wasn't sure.
i walked out of the interchange and asked a security guard for direction.
just to assure that I'm heading to the right MacDonald that my friend
asked me to meet him at. nothing strange so i dragged myself.

Sat on the metal bar outside the mac while waiting for my friends arrival.
was contemplating whether should i get a drink but eventually didn't.
cause i was gonna buy some snacks and drink from Cheers to share
with brother and friends who were at my house playing Bingo.

i received a call from my friend claiming that he had misplaced his keys thus
he can't get out of the house. of course i was rather pissed.
by then i had already waited for almost an hour. then he told me that
his dad and sister were already asleep so getting the keys from them
ain't a good idea. and his mum was playing mahjong which will probably take a few hours to get home. i kept listening...

decided to give up and told him that I'm heading home since it's
already late but he told me to wait for his mum which will probably take
hours to reached home, ridiculous! i gave him another alternative, i will cab down to his condo, take the thing and go home. of course excuses again.
by then i had already gotten the snacks from Cheers while
chatting with him on the phone finding solutions.

For some reason i asked him to send me his address but he denied as he's
lazy to. lazy to send me the adress by text when he actually did send me "Call me, call me" messages few atmosphere was rather noisy thus i can barely hear him clearly. he only gave me his condo name which 3 different cab driver doesn't know where it is. my phone was on the verge of dying, i told him that. but he insist that i shouldn't fucking hang the call.

as i was in the cab, he asked me to call back after we hang up umpteen times.
despite knowing the fact that my battery was low! eventually my phone
went totally dead and we got disconnected from the call. i reach the condo
but the condo seems different cause i have been there before and i know
how it looks like. i had no choice but to cab home since my phone
was dead. and the taxi fare was a bomb! felt disappointed, though.

i wasted my time and money on nothing, seriously! I'm so dumb.
so dumb that i choose to believe people without even thinking twice!
reached home feeling darn moody/pissed. mixed feeling.
i didn't saw it coming and didn't knew what's on his mind.
and unfortunately the money i spend on the taxi fare was for my
birthday celebration which is in two weeks time!

if you guys were in my shoes, what will you guys do and how would
you guys feel. this isn't elaborated enough, fyi. sigh ):
notorious if this post is quite mundane. writing a long story
once in a blue moon won't hurt right? ha!

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