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Sunday, March 28, 2010,
Constant harassment.

I have been bottling it up ever since the harassment started.
the harassment that never fail to happen every time when i wake up.
in fact, my sleep was disturbed this morning when i heard the familiar voice
shouting outside my place. i seriously can't stand this any longer!

humiliation was hurled, sarcasm that is. i was filled with angst but didn't reciprocate as i do not want things to become worst. all we did was to shut the doors and windows leaving the person shouting outside, dragging his mum here and there. claiming that we are harassment him which was NOT TRUE. i supposed its the other way round. well, my family have been enduring all this craps for some time. but the harassment kept coming, almost every day!

i have no idea what to do. i don't know what that particular person wants.
we did nothing but eventually got harassed for no specific reasons.
that person had already intruded our privacy by taking photos of us from far with his digital camera if I'm not wrong, our life isn't the same as before. we couldn't have much freedom with this kind of neighbour. one who never give up creating problems each day.

he has this sudden hatred towards my mum to the extend of claiming that my mum is spying on him, which is again, NOT TRUE! and then from there, he complain that everything that my mums does is absolutely wrong. even sitting by the corridor reading newspaper. and for goodness sake, what wrong with sitting at the corridor of our house reading newspaper. that's ridiculous! that person is being too exaggerating as he's staying not that close to us, why even bother? and what does our doings got to do with him? makes no sense!

what do you guys think? what do you guys suggest my family should do.
cause we don't want things to get worst hence us not doing anything but only to endure as much as we can. but i can't! i have my limits. he's getting overboard.i dont want this problem to be left unsolved! seriously need help!!oh and btw that neighbour of mine, is a he/she (if you get what i mean). );

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