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Thursday, March 4, 2010,
My mum is a photographer!

I have been contemplating whether to persuade my mum to help me take photo of me ever since my cousin helped me with that awesome big banner photo on my blog that turned out nice unexpectedly. so i thought why not let my mum try being my photographer this time round since i was kinda bored earlier. if I'm not wrong, that was her first time being a amateur photographer!i then passed her my camera while i putting my jacket on and taught her how to function and the way to capture a image at the same time.

she seems blur at first but was kinda alright afterwards. i even told her not to capture the bottom part of my body since i only wanted to have a photo similar to the one cousin took which shows only the upper part of my body including the face, duh! like who wants to be shot without the head, haha!

we were already inside the room and so after putting on the jacket, i pushed the bed further up so i would have space to fit the both of my legs into the corner, ahahaha! i stood there while my fingers still fidgeting with the hair. taught mum how to hold the camera. during her first try, i was waiting for the flash to go off but there wasn't! ha, she didn't press and hold the button. seems that she was having a difficult time over at th end of th bed trying to capture.

second try was much better cause eventually there was flash but unfortunately my face was looking elsewhere thinking she will somehow "fail" capturing again. so she was constantly holding the capture button and of course the "photoshoot" went quite well, except that i don't own any Dslr so the pictures quality is not satisfying enough. some of the pictures she took turned out awful and blur but there was few of them which were good enough. good enough for a ancient first timer, ahaha! after the shoot she went straight to bed .__.

even though the pictures turned out not that bad, I'm satisfied with it. and i really appreciate the help from her although she was tired and was actually heading to bed but was persuaded by me! of course if i don't have anyone to help me with my photoshoots at home, my mum would be the one helping me! not reluctantly of course! *Smirks* you guys should try persuade your parents to help you too! it's fun and hilarious watching them trying to accomplish something new that they have never done before, capturing images. for instant, a newbie like my mum. nevertheless, photos taken by my mumâ„¢.. how is it?!




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