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Wednesday, March 24, 2010,
Trip to the Universal Studio!

Finally i have the motivation to blog about the Universal Studio!
but unfortunately loads of photos are in Jolene's camera and she cant send me those photos as her desktop is faulty or something! so sad right.
but anyway luckily i have still some photos with me.

Our initial plan was having picnic by the sandy beach. but we also did venture Universal Studio right after that since the Studio was opened to public on the same day! so we thought why not venturing into awesome place! ahahaha.
So the picnic went well except the fact that it was pouring non stop that day!
flies was everywhere and it was rather annoying to have hundreds of tiny flies or whatever you call it flying all over you!

Overall everything was great but i still prefer the previous picnic we had at Botanic Garden cause it wasn't raining and the scenery was beautiful.

So here's the flies that i was referring to! there were loads of them. probably because of the rain that attracted this little fellas! annoying max. we have no choice but to shield our foods by covering them to avoid those flies to get in! that will be darn gross if they were to be on our food. shucks!

The wet sandy beach after the rain stopped.

So this are the people who were at the picnic! there's Wei long, Jolene, Elizabeth, Eric and (A dog) Jin Jin if I'm not wrong! ahaha. the dog was placed inside a bag where it will only stick it's head out! oh btw, the poor dog actually swam in the sea water reluctantly.

surprisingly, weilong was afraid of the dog. we had a great time laughing when the dog actually went next to weilong and he screamed super loudly. ahaha!


Betty Boop was the first shop we went in to and it was amazingly beautiful with all sorts of photos of Betty boop printed on almost every single things!

Unique Popcorn Vehicle!

Them looking at the grammy award trophies! ahaha. took photos with the trophies in our hands, pretending that we won! but as i said, it's in Jolene camera! once again, major sad! Jolene send me asap okay! :)

It was rather packed! because prolly it's the first day it's officially opened to public! everyone was so excited. so was i. ahaha! i seriously can't wait to save up money and try each and every one of the machine at the theme park! wheee.

Madagascar's huge ship and tree! Mad awesome :D

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