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Monday, March 1, 2010,
Trip to the Central FireStation.

So i somehow accompanied Joey to the Central Fire Station few days ago.
i thought why not tagging along since i have never experience it before.
but unfortunately i had to dragged myself out early in the morning.
on a brighter note, i had the Kfc's Am porridge which i have been craving for since don't know when. it's like finally! haha.

Majority of you guys thought that being a firefighter is simple and easy.
but it isn't as simple like what you think. in fact it's even challenging!
being in a situation whereby you are suppose to save victims from places that are awfully on fire. going through the fire. the firefighters risk their life just to save those victims, but they place victim's live as their top priorities before themself. obviously this isn't as simple as you think. what do you say?

so we shouldn't take them for granted. majority of them are deprived of sleep.
but have to be awake the moment there's emergency and when the alarm it early in the morning or in the middle of the night, they have to reluctantly be up and to be all set to go within a minute! very efficient hur.
whenever you need them, they are there for you. we should seriously respect & salute them for the good deeds that they have done, saving lives!

Pictures in the heritage room!

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