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Sunday, March 7, 2010,
Not So Secret Lives of Us Contest‏.

I reckon some of you guys would start scratching your heads if there isn't any introduction on what this Not So Secret Lives of Us‏ is all about. well, basically it's a story about 2 juvenile, Trey and Jesse who are facing a situation which was somehow unexpected. the stories of what's happening to them and their life are actually penned down through a series of blog entries. in other words, an online diary! The story is fictional but the issues are real.

not forgetting to mention that their life also revolves around their close friends, Eleanor and Cameron. we as the readers, will follow their stories that's full of ups and downs. leaving our imagination run wild as we guess what will happen next. full of suspense but it's interesting, seriously!

So Trey was out one night with his friend drinking not thinking of the consequences. yes, people do drink but not realising that hangovers might not be a good thing afterall. hangovers might make an individual regret doing something they did for a lifetime. it's like a mark that would never disappear.

Trey was drunk hence not noticing anything till he was awake in a motel, unexpectedly. and the worst thing was that he didn't use any protection while having sexual intercourse with a lady! he then approached the lady that he went to bed with on the other night, and she confessed the truth. just because of his silly act, his and Jesse life was wrecked.

so the Moral of the story is to have "Protected" sexual intercourse! yes, not forgetting to use a condom. cause a condom can save you from all those hassle. well, you could just get a pack from any 7eleven outlet if you know that you would be having "fun" anytime. if not, prepare to face a millions of problems.
and if you know that you can't hold your liqour that well, try not to drink too much. cause when you're not drunk. you're not oblivious to your sorrounding.

apart from getting pregnant on a unprotected sex, one could actually be infected with disease. many kinda disease that you never expect!
so think twice before having unprotected sex.

How to prevent? (according to the bloggers kit)

-Stay away; whether you like it or not, the fact is that abstraining from sex is the best from of protection. avoid casual sex (sex with casual friends, strangers or prostitutes).

-Stay faithful; if you are in a relationship, stay faithful and ensure your partner does the same. both of you should be honest about your past relationships. if either of you have had sex before, get tested just to be sure that you both are not infected with HIV or other STIs.

-Stay covered; if you choose to engage in sexual activities, be sure to use a condom. check the expiry date of the condom. avoid storing condoms in your wallet; carrying the wallet in your back pocket may weaken the condom. Also, if you want to use lubricants, choose water-based ones; oil based lubricants can weaken the condoms. remember that using condoms correctly and consistently can help you reduce the risk of infection, but they do not give 100% protection.

-Stay alert; alcohol and other drugs tend to influence one's mental alertness.thus reducing one's ability to think coherently and be in control. this can result in unintended actions and consequences. so stay away from drugs and avoid indulging in alcohol.

Harmless fun may not be as harmless as you think. Find out why at You can join in the discussions too in the Facebook fan page. Here!

Last but not least, you could win yourself some cool prizes simply by just filling up the from provided! :D good luck.

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