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Thursday, March 18, 2010,
Pr girl humiliates Singapore!

How would you feel as a Singaporean when someone who is not from this country, looks down and even humiliate our country claiming that we are selfish, copycats. and also according to that person, we used singlish. it's true that we, Singaporean use simple English but I'm sure it's not all the time and of course not every single one of us. I as a Singaporean, do admit that we do speak 'Singlish' and very few of us really bother to speak proper English. btw she actually blogged about it.

but the thing is she's not from this country but is staying here. So being a PR in Singapore, is it right to humiliate the country that you're staying in? i don't think so! regardless which country you are in, be it staying in that particular country, or maybe just going for a holiday, it's totally not right to be humiliating and saying disrespectful things about the country. at the very least you could do is to respect, simple as it is.

She also said that she's not willing to stay here even if she were to be given a million dollars even if our President was the one paying her. in the first place, who would want to pay a disrespectuful stranger to be staying here for a million bucks!sorry to say this but she's not even worth that much. having her here would only cause trouble to every single Singaporean here, like seriously. who needs someone who has no respect for herself and a girl simply holds no shame for herself. she will be much happier being in the zoo sleeping in the mud with the pigs! the environment there suits her better!

Comments from Singaporean being very enraged by her humiliation. loads of unhappy comments about her. and in my opinion, i think she deserved it! who she think she is making sucha comment about a Country without thinking twice. and she's not that chio to be payed 1 million buck okay! I'm being generous enough *Flicks 10cents coins* on the ground. Ahahaha!

Okay i feel that my blog is awfully dirty now as i have her picture on my blog.
what's with the tongue sticking out?! ahaha now you know why anyone won't wanna pay her 1 million bucks for her to stay in OUR country! *Roll eyes*

And here's the proof of her claiming that she wouldn't want to be staying here even if Our President willingly paid her 1 million bucks! look at her professional English. i think even Singaporeans English are better than hers, period! she has the most awesome English indeed. and of course, without thinking twice, Singapore is the most awesome/best place to live in!! :)

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