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Tuesday, April 6, 2010,
Obsessed with Th'mickey!

I'm just like any typical juvenile who loves having companion. regardless of what companion that is. the particular companion I'm talking about is about my awesome companion, Mickey! ahaha, that would obviously be my cat that has been living with me ever since i was an innocent young kid during my primary school days! till now, she have never left my sight.

she's still young at heart okay! ahaha.

but there was a period of time back then when she was kidnapped/captured by those cruel Spca just because she was roaming around my neighbourhood while i was away from home. my heart totally sank when i learnt about it. but of course who doesn't weep when something that belongs to them have been taken away. escpecially when they can't predict whether if they could have the chance to see that thing ever again. it was the most heartbreaking moment knowing that mickey had been captured for whatever reason. it was just like losing a loved one. if only you guys know how it feels. although i know that mickey is just like any ordinary cats that can be seen in the streets.

But NO! i treated her like one of my family. it may sound ridiculous but she's not only a pet to me, but also my "Girlfriend" okay! i presume that majority of you guys who own a pet will treat them more than just a pet right? unless you're those cruel owner who take them for granted, abuse them and stuff!

so back to the story, pardon my short term memory but i think mickey was released after we made a call and was asked to collect her ourself. very considerate much? they took it all the way there, but eventually we had to make the trip there. but well, it's worth it. i was majorly elated that she's back safe and sound! :) i was pondering what will exactly happen to mickey if we didn't realised that was captured or we didn't collect her.

yups! thats about it. all about my mickey! don't ve to be elaborated in details right. later people complain that reading this long wordy white post/fonts on a black background strain their eyes, ahaha! sorry about that ah :D

Next, Me with th'Mickey!

There's alot of photos of Mickey but i picked only few of them to avoid spamming her unglam photos! ahaha. lastly, Webcam with Mickey! :) and before i forget, you can also follow Mickey on twitter! here!

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